Care instructions

Bottle garden

You have given a new home to the bottle garden from TinyGardens.
Your bottle garden is a self-regulating biotope, which can survive without too much effort. Plants adapt to their environment, including to the temperature and light conditions, both in nature and in your bottle garden. Below, you can find all the information you need on the optimal care of your biotope. Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by email.


Your biotope includes tropical plants.

Therefore, the temperature should not be too low or too high.
The most comfortable temperature varies between 18 and 29°C.


As soon as the plants touch the glass, it is time for a trim.

Trim off the plant above a leaf junction.
Prune only individual leaves, these can be easily removed from the stem.
Subsequently, your bottle garden should stay open for approximately 24 hours,
so that all cut surfaces can heal properly


By rule of thumb, it is recommended to water it 3 – 4 times per year.

It is time to water the bottle garden when the moss appears to be light-green and dry.
In order to be certain, you can reach into the glass and touch the moss.
Should it feel dry, your biotope requires water. Your bottle garden prefers decalcified, filtered water.
This should be sprayed on the inner lateral walls, and never directly on the plants.
The purchased bottle gardens vary in their size, and thus they require different quantities of water.
Detailed information with regard to the water quantity can be found on our website.
Bottle garden up to 20cm height: 5-6 x spraying
Bottle garden up to 30cm high: 6-8 x spraying
Bottle garden up to 45cm high: 10-14 x spraying
Bottle garden up to 60cm height: 16-20 x spraying

Light conditions

Never expose your bottle garden direct to
the sun

In order for the plants in your biotope to be able to carry out photosynthesis,
they require a space with at least one window.
However, it is essential that your bottle garden is never placed in direct sunlight.
If it is left in the sun, it will become unpleasantly hot inside the glass and the plants will wither.


In order for the biotope to regulate itself, the condensation water is necessary.

As a general rule, your glass should only fog slightly in the morning and evening, from the inside.
Nonetheless, if you notice that it has become heavily fogged throughout the day, you should definitely change its location and leave the glass open for 24 hours.
Usually, this is an indication that it is either too warm or too cold inside the glass.





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